Ways you can work with Paula

"By supporting people and organisations they can develop insight to inform owned action."

Paula believes in creating a safe and understanding space so people have more opportunities to reach their full potential.

Coaching sessions are available via zoom and can be booked using our online booking system.

In-person sessions are available upon request – please get in touch to discuss further.

Life Fulfilment​

If you’re feeling a bit stagnant in your life and you want support that focuses on your individual story and needs, life coaching is for you. Coachees often work to think about relationships, health, work-life balance, purpose, change and motivation. We’ll work together to focus on the building of a new story for you and an actionable pathway forward for growth.

Career Negotiation and Navigation

In this coaching space we’ll work together to identify pathways of growth for your career either within your current work environment or exploring others. We’ll think about your values, identity and explore how those values might shape your future career story. 

Graduate Coaching​

If you’re due to graduate or are a recent graduate this coaching space will help you think and plan for a personal and professional trajectory that will support the fullness of the life you want to live. 

Young Person's Coaching

If you’re 17-23 years old and you’re feeling confused or stuck in the messiness of being a young person with many decisions to make, a coaching space will help support you.  The space created will be confidential and calm so you can focus on what really matters to you. The process will support you to think confidently about your life and learning path.

Not sure which service is right for you?

Leadership Coaching​

Whether it’s personal leadership or professional leadership, coaching can help support thinking and growth by examining values, unpicking limiting beliefs and building belief in your skills, experience and abilities. Working with your own leadership story you’ll learn from the present and think and plan. The coaching space will help you think about new leadership habits and how best to develop new leadership behaviours that sit with your values. 

Learning Programme Development

If you are looking for support for long term cultural and behavioural change for you or your team then the opportunity to develop a learning programme based on coaching principles is a rewarding experience. This process will work to articulate the change you want to see and support you to build a culture of continuous improvement and growth.


I mentor musicians and those working in music education and arts leadership positions. I integrate coaching perspectives into my work as a facilitator and trainer.

Pro Bono Coaching​

I offer pro bono coaching to young lone parents who are in college or in their early career.